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Deluxe Kit

Works with 10 and

12 inch Miter Saws

The Cut-N-Crown system has completely reinvented the crown molding cutting process.

Until now, crown molding has had a reputation of being highly frustrating and very costly.

The Cut-N-Crown eliminates wasteful errors frequently made with old school methods,

making it ideal for homeowners and contractors.

The secret is in Cut-N-Crown’s unique system of jigs, unlike any other jig on the market today.

Cut-N-Crown is the only jig system where every cut is made on the left side

of the saw. The beauty of not moving the saw between opposing cuts

is that it saves valuable time while delivering perfectly mirrored cuts.

Cut-N-Crown is the most accurate, error free system, for 10 years strong.

Get professional results and increase the value of your home with Cut-N-Crown!

I wanted to do crown molding in my house for a long time. I could not afford to hire someone to do it, it was too much money. I saw your demo and it seemed to be easy enough. After I was finished I realized you were right – crown molding can be easy and looks great! Follow the four pictures on the back and you won’t go wrong. This tool is ingenious.

—Mark Nelson, Northern California


way to Cut Crown Molding!

  • Designed to work with basic 10 in. and 12 in. miter saws
  • Easy set up pictures for every cut saves time and wasted molding
  • Protractor Plus eliminates the problem of unsquare corners
  • Achieve perfect miters for inside and outside corners, any degree
  • Only jig system where every cut is made on the left side of the blade
  • Non-adjustable jigs ensure perfect mirror cuts even when pressure is applied
  • Jigs accommodate up to 6 in. wide crown molding
  • Makes bullnose corners, scarf joints, return stops, vaulted/cathedral ceilings and more